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How To Order Ordnance Survey Maps

Where do I start?
- What do you need the maps for? Is it for planning, extensions, land registry, solicitors, ESB etc.
- Contact the relevant person/legal body such as the County Council, your Architect, Solicitor etc.
- If you are applying for planning permission, it is always best to contact your Architect and find out their exact   requirements.
- Check local county council websites as many have maps with planning permissions online. You can locate   your property on this and send us a screen print, (see South East Council page)

Try and get the following information beforehand:
- The scale the map needs to be plotted at.
- The size of the map (i.e. is an A4 or an A3 be required for planning permission)
- The number of legal copies required.
- Consider whether you need additional copies for yourself (it is much cheaper to get extra copies at time of   ordering).

Urban Mapping
If you have a street address and house number, you can do the following: -

Option 1
Call into our office with the above information and we can print your maps while you wait. (see Urban Section for sample)

Option 2
Phone, fax or email the details, together with:-
- credit card details
- a contact number
- a postal address and we can post the maps out to you.

Rural Mapping
Sites or houses in rural areas can often be much harder to find than urban areas, if you are not familiar with the area or with maps. The mapping on the screen is not dissimilar to looking at a road map, to firstly locate the townsland. The scale of the mapping is then changed to show fields and outlines of buildings (see Rural Section for sample)

Option 1
Call into our office with the following information:
- The Townsland (i.e. full address of required land). If you are not local to the area, perhaps drive to it and   noting how many turns in the road or a group of houses, a farm, a church a school.
- All these landmarks   make finding it easier.
- Bring any maps you may have of the area to enable us to help you find it on the screen.
- Ask your architect/solicitor if they have any maps that may help you locate the area. Land Registry maps are   useful

Option 2
- Fax, Post or email us a copy of an old map, with the site clearly outlined, either with a thick pen or an x.
- Make sure you enclose credit card details, a contact number and a postal address, together with your exact   requires (e.g. no. of maps, scale etc)
- Always follow up with a phone call to ensure that we received it.

You will receive original, red stamped maps, as required by county councils, city councils, UDC's and other legal bodies. (see South East Council page)

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